Archivos diarios: 15 septiembre, 2009


“I believe that Steampunk is more than just brass and watchparts. It’s finding a way to combine the past and the future in an aesthetic pleasing yet still punkish way. It’s living a life that looks old-fashioned, yet speaks to the future. It’s taking the detritus of our modern technological society and remaking it into useful things. Join me as I search for items for my house that combine the scientific romanticism of the Victorians with our real present and imagined future.”

Trajes de inmersión retrofuturistas, hogares mutados para parecer submarinos victorianos naufragados, cobre, vapor, electricidad cruda y el mar, Samuel Beckett y Julio Verne y Slavoj Zizek y G.K. Chesterton y Hans Christian Andersen. De eso va lo último con lo que estoy enredando. Documentación gráfica de The Steampunk Home.